MORE JOY with less!

Celebrate Your Light With 140+ Different Hues!

Dash Dyed to perfection

Letting spills tell the story.

MORE JOY pieces are not just fashion accessories; they are a philosophy, a movement, and a transformative experience all rolled into one. We want you to see spills differently and feel inspired to improvise playfully with our pieces. Reconnect with that sense of wonder, authenticity, and joy you have inside you when you look down into delicious spills that feel like you!

MORE JOY Is Possible when you let your light shine!

Bespoke Athleisure Wear

Harmonized to You

Our vibrant pieces work separately or can be combined to tell a cohesive story. With 140+ Dharma Dyes, our DASH DYE method gives us one-of-a-kind results that honor self-expression. Our pieces change regularly and can be custom-dyed to suit personal preferences. Seed beads, faceted gemstones, and precious metals combine for a jewelry accent you’ll want to add to any combination. With you at the center of our art project, we’ve crafted a distinctive look with innovative materials and pairings to help you get comfortable presenting as you. Contact me for a custom dash dye experience.

Celebratory Spills

The Flow Of Dash Dyeing

Our DASH DYEING technique transforms textiles into energetic pieces of art. This method uses the same powdered dye used with ICE DYEING but we skip the ice and lay our canvases out flat. This lets the powder tell the story as it bleeds through the woven tapestry. Each piece captures the energy of the wind, gravity, and magnetism as the particles fall on the canvas. Drawing inspiration from celestial spills, our pieces infuse the feel of fireworks, sprinkles, and confetti on to a piece that you can take with you to morning. 

Spectrum Dressing

140+ Tints, Tones, and Shades!

The visible light spectrum shifts from morning to night, giving us a wide range of options with which to resonate. Understanding the psychological impact of color can help you choose the right hue to enhance your emotional well-being. We’ve collected 140+ dyes to help you find a hue true to you.

Discovering My Joy

Embracing My Stains

When I first got sober, being uncomfortable in my body prevented me from wanting to participate in a lot of things. MORE JOY highlights the power and potential of comfortable play clothes. Learning to play new meant letting go of comparisons and liking me, even if I felt like a stain. Showing up in my pieces, I reclaimed my voice and reconnected to my body. They have allowed me to feel, grieve, rage, and cry, all on a movable canvas. They serve as a reminder that HEALING is possible, and it starts with getting comfortable playing new.

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