About The Artist

Rediscovering My Joy

I felt like a kamikaze pilot blazing through the social night sky, bursting into flames just out of view. On May 18, 2019, after over a decade of heavy drinking, my brain flipped a switch. I needed to stop performing joy to find AUTHENTIC JOY. The buzz I got from booze prevented me from doing the work to become the person I wanted to be. But getting sober was just the first step.

Even MORE JOY is possible when you accept your stains! Even MORE JOY is possible when you accept your stains!

Navigating My Nerves

Getting Back In the Driver's Seat

MORE JOY emerged on the other side of a lot of internal work, but it wasn’t a fast process. I had to address my dysregulated nervous system, complex PTSD, fears, and habits to see recovery as a permanent lifestyle choice. I needed to understand what alcohol was masking and start addressing my anxieties one at a time. With my beautiful, diverse brain and sensitive senses, I needed to return to the driver’s seat and start learning to drive with my eyes wide open.

You could see it in my eyes—the discomfort or “dis-ease” in my body that showed up as alcoholism. I was so uncomfortable with the mask I created, and I had to give it up. I was a terrified introvert masking as a confident extrovert, searching for self-validation that no one else could give me. Terrified and hiding behind performative joy, I struggled to know what authentic happiness felt like.

I wanted more adventure and excitement out of life, but everything felt painful, loud, and overwhelmingly sober. My mental health started to improve when I started eating KETO and learned to self-regulate my nervous system with meditation, naps, and self-soothing touch. Holding my hand to my chest and calming myself down with my thoughtful touch worked.

I eventually stopped comparing myself to others, developed a kinder inner dialogue, started showing up for myself, letting go of my past wounds, knowing my true worth, making authentic connections, setting good boundaries, accepting my humanness, and living a life that made sense to me.

Gradually, looking in the mirror and liking what I saw became possible. I felt MORE JOY internally. As my confidence started to bounce back, I wanted to engage with the world again. 

Radical Acceptance

Led To Colorful Collections

Sharing my art through MORE JOY is my way of spreading self-love. I hope it inspires you to look at the topography of your life, whatever it may look like, and celebrate it. You are a piece of art, and you deserve to celebrate it. Since choosing sobriety, my thoughts have become wilder, more vibrant, and sometimes even scarier—but I’m no longer afraid of them. I’m fully present, finding MORE JOY in confidently being in the driver’s seat of my life, maybe for the first time.

Ideas that resonated

My Inspiration


Wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetic philosophy centered on accepting change and embracing imperfection. We celebrate each piece’s natural textures and irregularities by carefully hand-dyeing it.


Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold. Our faceted gemstones and seed bead pieces are wrapped in gold metals fixing each outfit with the perfect mix of the golden hue.


Impressionist artists did not try to paint a reflection of real life but an ‘impression’ of how things moved in the landscape they saw. We see the movement in our pieces as the pigment bleeds through the fabric. 


Improv is a practice of accepting what is presented and then adding to it. It’s a framework for interacting with others by accepting what is and adding to it. We improvise with each piece, making decisions in the heat of the moment as the dye gets dashed on the fabric.

Check Out The Look

Our vibrant pieces work separately or can be combined to tell a cohesive story. Seed beads, faceted gemstones, and precious metals combine for jewelry accents you’ll want to add to any outfit. With you at the center of our art project, we’ve crafted a distinctive look with innovative materials and pairings to help you get comfortable presenting as you.

Discover where


Magnetic Connections

We make a magnetic connection to the things that we love. Our creations allow people to express themselves authentically and confidently, connecting delicious hues to comfortable jewelry pieces that connect the pieces together with gold.

Childlike Spontaneity

We invite you to rediscover the childlike joy and spontaneity of life with More Joy. Our brand encourages indulging in simple pleasures, embracing imperfections, and finding beauty in the everyday.

Embracing Reality

More Joy celebrates resilience and the beauty found in embracing reality. Joy isn’t something to be chased; it’s something to be rediscovered within ourselves and shared with others. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the joy of being authentically you with More Joy.

Collective Effervescence

At More Joy, we believe in the power of collective joy and shared experiences. Our community fosters a sense of collective effervescence, where authenticity and vulnerability create transformative energy among our clientele.

I’m really more like an “in person” kind of friend. I really struggle with object permanence. Out of sight, out of mind… but never out of heart or spirit. You might not hear from me for three months but when you link with me you’ll have the time of your life and feel like we were never apart! I’m really a vibe, I’m loyal, and I’ll bring my best for you .. just don’t expect me to call and text like most people. I live 10 lives a day in my own brain, it’s never personal.

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