Muted Colors

Muted colors have tone in them. Tone This is very similar to “tint” and “shade,” only instead of being a hue with white or black added to it, it is a hue with only grey added to it. The grey that is added to make a “tone” must only consist of black and white, no […]

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have tints in them. Tint A “tint” is a lighter version of a given hue. It is a hue that has only white added to it. Sometimes a tint can seem brighter than the original hue, but it is just a paler version. A tint can range from a hue that is barely […]

Dark Colors

Dark colors have shade in them. Shade This is the opposite of a “tint.” A “shade” is a hue with only black added to it. It can, of course, include varying amounts of black, and the resulting color may be barely darker than the original hue, or it may be almost black. An easy way […]

Bright Colors

Bright colors have hue in them. Hue The terms “color” and “hue” are often used interchangeably by artists and designers. For all intents and purposes, this will get you by but the words “color” and “hue” actually mean different things. In general, “color” is used to refer to all, well, colors, including black, white and […]

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