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Purple Explained

The color of royalty, the imagination and spirituality.

Purple In Combination

Here are some different ways purple has been combined.





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Purple In Psychology

In color psychology, purple is a royal color. The color meaning of purple is connected to power, nobility, luxury, wisdom, and spirituality. But avoid using the color too much as it can cause feelings of frustration. Some perceive its overuse as arrogant. You can add hints of purple to your website’s design such as on your free shipping bar, your logo, and as an accent color in your graphics.

Purple is a color brand like Hallmark and Yahoo use. When browsing both websites, you’ll notice that purple is an accent color. On Hallmark, the logo and the top navigation are purple but the rest of the website uses a variety of other colors. On Yahoo, the logo, top navigation words, and Yahoo icons like Mail use the color purple.

Purple In History

For some people, purple is evidence of God’s glory and generosity. Not noticing a purple flower in a field of green would likely piss God off (The Color Purple). The belief that purple is special, and signifies power, is surprisingly widespread. Now it is seen as a secondary color, sandwiched in artist’s color wheels between the primaries of red and blue.

Linguistically it has often been subordinate to more significant color categories of red, blue, or black. Purple isn’t part of the visible color spectrum. The story of purple is bookended by two great dies. Purple, Tyrian, is a symbol of the wealthy and the elite and is linked with the divine. The precise shade of the ancient world’s purple dyes remains somewhat of a mystery as purple itself with a somewhat fluid term.

Because of the expense and creating Tyron, purple became the symbolic color of opulence, access, and rulers. To be born into the purple was to be born into royalty after the Byzantine custom of decking the Royal birthing Chambers with a purple cloth so that it would be the first thing the new princeling saw. Purple spider shows status wasn’t confined to the West. In Japan, deep purple was a forbidden color, off-limits to ordinary people. Many purple shades required milking snails for shellfish to reach the colorful hues. It was a demanding scarce raw material. But as new guys became available, exportation went away and purple became much like any other color.

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