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Yellow In Psychology

In color psychology, the color meaning for yellow revolves around sunshine. It evokes feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism, and summer but also of deceit and warning. Some brands choose to use a cheerful yellow color as the background or border for their website design. You can also choose to use yellow for your ‘free shipping’ bar at the top of your website if it matches the rest of your website’s design. A little touch of yellow can help your website visitors associate your store with something positive.

The color yellow is used by brands such as Ferrari and Ikea. Many people dream of driving a Ferrari. The luxury brand is associated with this feeling of happiness, summer, and a carefree lifestyle. The Ikea brand also uses the color yellowing in their branding. What does buying furniture have to do with happiness? Well, let’s look at who’s likely buying those products. Many people who’ve just bought their first home or are moving out for the first time, will head to Ikea to buy products to furnish their home. This milestone is usually filled with happiness and optimism for the new change-making yellow a great color to associate with the brand.

Yellow In History

Books from France in the mid-nineteenth century were pressed between vivid yellow covers. Yellow ack books could be bought cheaply at every railway station. For artists and thinkers, yellow stood as a symbol of the age – a rejection of the repressed Victorian values of the time. A yellow-bound book represented the eyes of the reader being opened to a greater sense of the world, corrupting and ultimately destroying them.

Yellow has had some low points. On the individual level, sallow skin, jaundice, or a bilious attack, connect yellow to sickness. The dumb blond, for example, was born in France in the mid-18th century. Having “the other” wear yellow as a signifier started in the Early Middle Ages. The most notorious example was Jews in Nazi Germany. The flow of immigrants into Europe and North America from the East and particularly China in the early 20th century was dubbed the “yellow peril.”

Conversely, yellow simultaneously has been a color of value and beauty in the West. Blond hair has long been held up as the ideal. In India, yellow’s power is more spiritual than temporal. It symbolizes peace and knowledge and is associated with Krishna, who was generally depicted wearing a vivid yellow robe over his smoke blue skin.

Alchemists worked for centuries to transmute other metals into gold, and recipes for the counterfeit stuff are Legend. Although coinage has lost its link with the gold standard, the color’s symbolic value has left its mark on our language – the Golden Ages, golden boys, golden handshakes, etc. In India, the poor traditionally used gold instead of a savings account. The government attempts to stop people hoarding it, and I’ve resulted in a healthy Black Market. Yellow leads a versatile roving life. It’s hard to disagree.

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