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Aquamarine Explained

Aquamarine is March's Birthstone!

Aquamarine Specification

  • Chemical name:
  • Formula:
  • Colors:
  • Structure:
  • MOHS Hardness:
  • Locations:

Aquamarine Description

Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family. It is the sister Stone to the emerald, but doesn’t have all the cracks and inclusions found in emerald. In general, it’s natural color is sea green, hence the name, c water. Aquamarine is a lovely color, but the current fashion is for sky blue stones, so more material is treated to change the color. It’s possible to get a dark blue color, but this is rare and that’s valuable. There are sources that produce an actual sky blue color. Aquamarine can be transparent and opaque.

Aquamarine Variations

Lots of different kinds of Aquamarine

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