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Carnelian Explained

Carnelian gives courage!

Carnelian Specification

  • Chemical name:
  • Formula:
  • Colors:
  • Structure:
  • MOHS Hardness:
  • Locations: Tanzania, United Republic Of; Colombia; United States of America (the); Unknown; China; Ireland; Brazil; Madagascar; Thailand; India; Indonesia

Carnelian Description

Set your jewelry collection on fire (figuratively, of course) with carnelian. A member of the chalcedony sub-group, this quartz is a blazing orange-to-red in its color. It’s beautiful, wearable, and affordable – an unbeatable combination in a gemstone. Carnelian is one of the first known gemstones.

Carnelian occurs in yellow-orange, reddish-orange, and orange-brown colors, which are semi-opaque to translucent. It can have a uniform color or we banded. The color is due to the presence of iron oxide as a coloring agent. It is heated to improve the color and to make it more red. In India, Carnelian is placed in the sun to change the brown tents to a red color. A great deal of Carnelian is actually dyes chalcedony from Brazil and Uruguay. The chalcedonies give us beautiful translucent stones and vibrant colors. Chalcedony in its broad sense is a group of stones within the quartz species that are fibrous cryptocrystalline quartz. It is next to exceptional material for carving and jewelry making. Translate is a solid color rather than banded but it’s never transparent. The colors are due to the presence of metallic impurities such as iron-nickel and copper during the crystallization process.

Carnelian Characteristics

For as far back in time as we know, folklore has joined carnelian and good fortune. The Middle Eastern peoples considered carnelian a stone of kings and royalty. Due to its warm, rich orange-red color, they also associated it with fire. In Egypt, believers wore carnelian to ward off the evil eye and to bring peace to the wearer.

Carnelian Variations

Lots of different kinds of Carnelian

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