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Citrine Explained

Citrine is November's Birthstone!

Citrine Specification

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Citrine Description

Citrine comes in a range of yellows, from Temple golden tons to a hot orange and red-brown colors. You surely, natural citrine has a bright golden color and most other colors are treated. This yellow variety of quartz is colored by the presence of ferric iron. The majority of citrine on the market is heated amethyst, so fine natural mineral is rare and can be valuable. Treated citrine tends to have an orange-reddish color, with the exception of lemon quartz, which is irritated. Over the years, citrine was used to imitate yellow topaz, so many dealers still call it yellow or Brazilian topaz, which are mixed numbers. Call Mariah citrine has an intense Amber orange color and is named for its location. Madeira citrine is named after the color of Madeira line which is called an orange and reddish-brown. The leading producer of citrine is Brazil and the largest deposit is in the Rio Grande.

Citrine Variations

Lots of different kinds of Citrine

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