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Clear Quartz Explained

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Clear Quartz Specification

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Clear Quartz Description

Quarts is one of the most commonly mined minerals and also widely available. Clear quartz a rock crystal is commonly found in antique beads and jewelry and can be identified by the way we’re on the facets. Quarts is a huge species and occurs in all mineral environments, being a constituent of many rocks. It is one of the most varied of all minerals, occurring in different forms, habits, and colors, and has more names than any other mineral the court species is divided into two groups quarts is a low chromatic, so it is colorless and its pure form, but can be found in purple, yellow, pink, brown, black, gray, green, orange, blue, red, and milky white colors. I can also be multicolored and Bandit. Historically, quartz has been used for cameos and intaglios for centuries. It was used by the Stewarts, Georgians, and Victorians, and an art nouveau, and Art Deco jewelry. Quartz has also been used for lamps, lenses, the manufacture of glass, and the precision tools such as pressure gauges. It also has electronic uses in the computer industry. Quartz is not very durable and does not we’re terribly well. It is softer than another color this gems which means it can be scratched and the faceted edges may become worn over time.

Clear Quartz Characteristics

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