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Emerald Explained

Emerald is May's Birthstone!

Emerald Specification

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Emerald Description

The Allure of a fine Emerald is hard to ignore. It is pure emerald green and color, with just a hint of blue, and will typically have small cracks. It’s price can be close to that of a diamond. Emerald belongs to the beryl species and is the most important Gem of the group. It is also the most important green gemstone you can find. Historically Emerald has been highly prized, appearing in early European and Mongol jewelry. Color is everything with Emerald. The more intense the color, the more valuable the stone. The best color is a strong blue-green that comes primarily from chromium and vanadium impurities with a tiny bit of iron. The color should be Vivid and saturated but not too dark.

Emerald Variations

Lots of different kinds of Emerald

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