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Moonstone Explained

Moonstone is June's Birthstone!

Moonstone Fun Facts

  • Moonstone is a modern gem alternative for June.
  • Moonstone is the state gem for Florida, from where the moon landings took off, but it does not naturally occur there.

Moonstone Explained

Moonstone is an adularescent feldspar used in jewelry for centuries. Adularescence is a soft billowy sheen that rolls over the stone’s surface and is caused by alternating internal layers. Ancient Romans believed it came from solidified rays of the moon and linked it to the lunar deities. Typically made up of layers of sodium and potassium-rich feldspars, Moonstone has a blue or white sheen, resulting from the scattering or reflection of light by the tiny intergrowth of minerals. The gem marked as rainbow moonstone is more appropriately classified as colorless labradorite.

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