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Opal Explained

Opal is October's Birthstone!

Opal Specification

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Opal Description

Opals are a large family of non-mineral gemstones containing many different varieties that are covered. Color is assessed on the body color and the body color play. The background color is caused by the suspension of impurities within the silica spheres. Colorplay is assessed on the ratio of iridescent opal compounds to the background, the intensity, the dominant Hughes, and pattern. The entire spectrum of color shows then that’s highly valued. If the colors are milk in light, the value reduces.
Blue opal, from Peru, is popular due to its amazing Vivid or neon turquoise color which is the result of copper and purities, but it does not have any color play. It is translucent and often contains Dendera conclusions.

Opal Characteristics

Amethyst looks like this

Opal Variations

Lots of different kinds of Amethyst

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