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Rose Quartz Explained

Rose Quartz gives love!

Rose Quartz Specification

  • Chemical name:
  • Formula:
  • Colors:
  • Structure:
  • MOHS Hardness:
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Rose Quartz Description

Much rose quartz isn’t included pale pink color, but it can also be very beautiful, translucent, pinch pink color that close. Smoky rose quartz occurs in pink and Peach colors, ranging from light to medium-dark tones. It is usually translucent and is found and a massive form which is carb, cabbage, or cut into beads. The material is often cloudy or cracked. 1987, it was discovered that the inclusions produced both both the haze and the color of the rose quartz. Any transparent material is faceted.

Rose Quartz Variations

Lots of different kinds of Rose Quartz

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