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Sapphire Explained

Sapphire is September's Birthstone!

Sapphire Specification

  • Chemical name: Aluminium oxide
  • Formula: AI2O3
  • Colors: Most colors
  • Structure: Hexagonal, trigonal
  • MOHS Hardness: 9
  • Locations: Montana, NC, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Kashmir, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia

Sapphire History

Sapphire is steeped in history and lore. It was believed that sapphire could protect kings from harm and envy; it symbolizes trust, faithfulness, nobility, and royalty. The ancient Persians believed sapphire to be a chip off the pedestal on which the earth balances. Our favorite is the belief that sapphire can make a stupid man wise and transform a bad-tempered man into a good-tempered one. Why not follow the trend of some well-known royals and choose an engagement ring of sapphire? The colors are appealing, the folklore delightful, and you’ll be in excellent company!

Sapphire Characteristics

The most valuable sapphire is a dark-toned royal blue with a touch of violet, also called cornflower blue. Sapphires can be difficult to identify because of the sheer range of colors, but the cornflower blue stone isn’t matched by any other. Sapphire comes in every color except red, which is ruby. It is colorless in its pure form, with coloring agents producing different colors. The presence of titanium and iron produces a blue sapphire, while chromium impurities give pink sapphires. Sapphire is more abundant than ruby, the impurities required are more common. Both ruby and sapphire are gem variations of the same mineral, corundum, an aluminum oxide next to diamond in hardness.

Sapphire Variations

Padparadschas, which are a beautiful mix of pink and orange, are rare and highly sought-after sapphire varieties. Green sapphires contain fine alternating bands of blue and yellow, with a khaki tone. Some sapphires also change color when moved from natural to incandescent light. It’s the color-change sapphire, and it can be glorious! Whether bright or quiet, the colors of sapphire are compelling.


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