More Joy Is Possible!

Do you love the me that lives inside of me?

I am the me that lives inside of me. I’m invisible to everyone but me. The me that you see is made up of all the things I’ve been able to imitate that feel human to me. But me inside of me has all sorts of thoughts, doubts, worries, and pains, but all you’ll be able to preceive are eyes that show disdain. My vessel may reveal more than I’d like to admit, but that’s not me. That’s just the me that you can see. The me inside of me is made up of so much more. It’s colorful and has so many more adventures and ideas than you could conceive. The me inside of me is powerful and just… only able to enact good actions… that I can recall. But the me inside of me is frequently dulled down to such a low rumble that I can barely hear myself inside of myself. My vessel is just moving on autopilot with me, nowhere to be seen. You see, the best parts of me are invisible. I can move and wiggle and paint and reflect the versions and visions of me that I think will resonate in my head and make you applaud because the inside of me doesn’t mind stepping aside, so it can feel something like love and awe just for a while.

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