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The Golden Ratio

How to dress better using proportional dress rules (golden ratio dressing)

While your body shape is very important, and there are individualized style tips for each and every body shape- your overall proportions are also INCREDIBLY essential.

The rule of thirds is very important. The most visually flattering proportion we have found is thirds. Once you have mastered your proportions and have evolved your style, you can expand these proportions to sixths and beyond. BUT! That is a more advanced skill and takes time to hone your style. So for now, remember the rules of thirds.

Here is your body cut up into thirds:

So you should have one-third on top, and two-thirds on the bottom.
OR you should have 2/3rds on top and one-third on the bottom. Never cut your body up in half, it won’t look flattering on any body type.

As you become more accustomed to your body shape you can tweak this ratio and explore it a bit more. But until then, try to always hit the golden ratio for the easiest, most flattering look.

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